Google is giving Google home for adding action on console without even checking that if it is the same questions that had been submitted by other user

I made 6 Gmail account and created same flash quiz and got 6 Google home and T shirts which cost about 49000 Indian rupees

So why is Google spending too much on just an action?

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    Wait, for what exactly are they giving away Google Home? But to andere your question: they want people to have a Google Home instead of an Amazon Alexa, etc. Amazon sells the Kindle with a small loss (or at least used to), just so you'll get the Kindle instead of any other reader and then buy their books.
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    @ankitbansal can you elaborate the steps?
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    Data collection I'd say?
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    @NitinSahu well this scheme already ended on 31st july 2019
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    @Wack but they are spending a lot and the level and correctness of quiz is not checked by Google which indirectly going to affect their image
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