I have scaned in our photo albums from my childhod. Is there any good photo gallery software i can use for free to share this albums with my siblings? Any open source project i can use to get started?

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    You can send them with ftp
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    Photo gallery... View, sort and filter photos by kewords, date captured and possibility to add comments. I hope there is an open source website i can use... But I cant find it. :-)

    So i'm hoping someone knows...
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    @ACreepyPony what if the siblings are far far away ?
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    Yes the siblings are far away. Thats why i wanna have a website as a photo gallery where they can view and comments or change the capture date.

    I'm searching for a starting point where i don't have to build everything frome schratch myselfe.

    Software is not the corect word... Solution might be a better match.

    The solution will be a website... I'm looking for a solution for this that I can run and give access to a few people.

    Anybody know a docker container for this? Or an open source media/photo gallery solution I could use to get started?
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    Well, I have an 80% finished one on my github, feel free to finish it up and use it. It's called PARN (photo album right now).
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    @Gogeta70 thanks I'll taket a look att it. I'm a bit "scared" of C++ so i'm not sure if I'll be able to help.
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