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Matching software version and vulnerabilities in NIST then exploiting it is not HACKING !

I wanna find new zero day vulnerabilities that no one ever noticed before!!

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    @irene cause it requires no creativity or special skills .
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    @irene in that case I had s wrong assumption about hacking.
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    Remimder that zero-days are majoritively found through decompilation of code and examination of the assembly code that lies underneath. I'm going to take a long shot in the dark and say you dont even know what assemply looks like, much less how to read it. So in that case, i would recommend sticking to discovery of existing vulnerabilities but through non-traditional means. Stop building out nmap scans and start trying to figure out how identify a honeypot when you see one.
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    @arcsector good point
    I crack applications and I know assembly
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    Gatekeeping: 1000.
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    reminder that most known exploits have no PoC or public hacktool available, so if you're making your own tool from scratch, it's still hacking. Not great hacking, just hacking...
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