Has anyone here ever developed in Flutter/Dart for mobile development? I'm researching it for use in freelance developing mobile applications and it's looking pretty intuitive so far.

Pros/Cons vs. other mobile development languages/frameworks?

Opinions/thoughts on developing in Flutter/Dart?

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    Not me but my colleague and Friends have tried. One main thing is Flutter is still design first framework, i.e. if you want beautiful design apps but does not have much features other then few Api calls it is great.

    The limited libraries, not enough google api supports (example map directions) and supports are what let my friends down and switch back to React Native.
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    @niush so would you say that React Native simply has more capabilities as a mobile development platform?
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    @SWSRav Yes, I would say that.

    But, if you want to take risk in flutter you can because google is definitely updating it continuously probably aiming for topping other frameworks. And, also you might already know Flutter can also build Native Desktop apps and Web Apps. So, that at the end it your your choice because there is nothing to waste learning new Language & Frameworks.
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    @niush Ahh, I gotcha. With that said, I think I'll try my hand at Flutter. It looks fairly interesting, from what I've researched so far. Thank you!
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