python is so simple that its too confusing.
PS: i am transitioning from c.

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    Same, but Ruby.
    (actually C->PHP->Ruby)

    Everything is so easy and so flexible (and internally consistent!) in Ruby that it's alien and strange. but so wonderful after getting used to it. C quickly fell to my third-favorite language. (Ruby > assembly > C)

    I tried python, and honestly really tried to like it, but it just felt wrong. strange naming, significant whitespace, odd things like tuples, and i really really really did not like the community. I can't really convey why i dislike it so much. but it feels almost revolting. the community definitely is.

    (and now that google and hipster super-feely people have taken it over, I'm definitely glad I didn't stay with it. Honestly, the community always felt a little like that, but now? They see "master/slave" as offensive, "whitelist/blacklist" as racist, fully endorse banning people from contributing because of social media (a la the linux kernel coc), and even go so far as to prefer minority devs with lesser skills over others simply because their skin isn't white, etc. It's bloody ridiculous. Ruby has none of that.)
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    I feel very strongly that C and Ruby exemplify the two best approaches to language design: full control, and full expression.

    I have never found languages I've liked more.
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    @Root I might just consider giving Ruby a try
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    @Root what I love about C is the language is so small that you can always start coding in it after years, you just do not forget C.
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    @Root I've been a python programmer for so long but from a Ruby standpoint I can absolutely see what you mean!

    I started Ruby a few months ago and it's honestly the best thing I've ever written in. It's a miracle language, to the point where I actually dislike writing python now. The docs suck, the community sucks, the inconsistencies and everything else.

    Python is good, but not compared to Ruby imo
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    @Root your experience is mine, but i tried ruby and moved to python. The community support for me was much more versatile than most, and even my government is embracing python (which is weird but whatever), plus my company really codes almost universally in python so it makes the ease-of-access a lot higher for my colleagues.

    I do still enjoy ruby, however the community seems to be dying slowly.
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    its just pseudocode

    the only real thing that ticks me off about it is the fucking amount of self variables each time you have a class
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    I don't find anything special/different in python than other languages.
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    Of course instead of traditional for (initialization; condition; do-something) you get for as iterator.
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    In python you don't have (++, --) operator 😑
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    @Pogromist +=1 is just stupid
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    @bazinga and to use global variable inside function you need to declare it as "global variableName"
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