I am final year cse undergrad I wanted to work in a MNC. what kind of hardwork should I do?

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    Before any sort of hard work; check your luck ')

    Had seen many people struggling with good knowledge of Aptitude and technical.

    And about hard work: see what sort of companies you wanna target (as per what you're into) and how those companies hire and what's their process.
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    Start with small companies.
    I've seen interns struggle in larger multinationals.
    Small startups will teach you more in less time, so a sharper learning curve. It's good if you're starting out.
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    @cst1992 Exactly! And this helps to find a good field of ours. And the best thing is you get a lot of chances as well to try on different domains and technologies.
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    Start with early-stage startup. They have a good taste in exploiting fresh grad
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    1. Select companies you want to work at. This could be based on what your college placements scene is like, and also your own applications.
    2. Do research on the hiring process of said companies, what kind of interviews they have, what they look for, etc.
    3. Do your best to max out your performance in said hiring process.

    If you're going through college placements then competitive programming is generally a requirement to get through technical rounds. Sad, but can't really do much about it.

    Working in startups is not a bad idea at all but big corporates have their advantages too, and it's not like you don't learn anything at all there.
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    Mnc ? Your cse degree will be changed to spreadsheet expert !
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    @RememberMe My experience over the past year with an MNC has been that nobody cares much about technical expertise, but more about clients and targets and that kind of stuff.
    Maybe 'cause I joined an IT service company 😑
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