Is there any tech janitor here?

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    You know I've always wondered, do IT guys sit around and talk shit about how little common sense software engineers seem to exercise?

    You could probably relate the support guys for ie to plumbers maybe, but to me most are a form of mechanic, and we auto and diesel mechanics talk a lot of shit about the convoluted designs mechanical engineers seem to come up with.

    Especially when they forget to do simple shit like make sure the holes left in the cab line up with the bolts that they're supposed to allow you to get to, or when they don't leave room at all and you have to order special tool xyz345#62 to remove something that could've easily been moved over a quarter of an inch.
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    Nobody cares, Sarah ZShe.
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    Tech janitor? Is it someone cleaning the hardware from dust?
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    @Frederick cleaning up the shitcode your coworker spewed out yesterday.

    I'm more of a digital Entomologist though.
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