This is for the people with gsoc knowledge.

Short :gsoc2020, good for final year student?

So i am having a lot of doubts regarding my future career. I have done a few internship, have decent knowledge of java/python and some other tech stacks (android/ data analytics,etc) .
I always had the dream of being selected in gsoc, but i was always too late to start preparing/applying, being busy in college stuff(lame excuse, i know)

But this year seems i can try my chances. College is all focussed about students getting a job, so they are pretty lenient. If i dedicate my full time to GSOC, i might crack it. But i would then be playing all my cards on this , as I won't be focusing on other companies' interviews and placement tests. Plus from what i know, its whole timeline takes around 5-6 months and ends somewhere in August-September (the time at which my college would be ending and my other peers would be starting a full time job)

So is it worth for a final year student like me to go for gsoc? I know it does gives a good weight to the resume, but is a heavy resume with no job in hand better than a light resume with a job in hand, for a passed out student?

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