After having dealt with the 9'999th issue with Samba, I decided to use a Rasperry Pi as a CUPS server and have everyone at home print their stuff over the Pi. Instead of having a Samba connection to my Dads PC where the printers were shared to.
Took me only 2h to set up and nearly everything worked after the first try.
I just have to deal with the cable mess now :(

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    I did this a few years ago to share a USB printer over network. It works really good, but sometimes it's freaking me out. Every once in a while CUPS doesn't print, without any error or feedback. And I have a weird issue on PDF files with barcodes, the barcodes are missing on the printout. If I convert the PDF to an image it prints the barcodes. Either CUPS or my printer seems to have an issue with barcodes in PDF.
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    Thank Apple 🤣
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    @ddephor I had heard of broken scanner software that appears to scan numbers or letter diffrent to what they are.
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