What a week

On Monday I was promoted to senior and on Friday the other senior in my group was fired for gross incompetence.


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    So you hate him?
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    @devTea nope, I didn't want them to be fired, but when it happened I had a huge sigh of relief. Every conversation will be easier from now on.
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    Guess who's next...
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    What is “gross incompetence”?

    We sacked a senior for updating prod without a change control ticket and said update caused a customer outage.
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    I'd be afraid if I were you.
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    @bkwilliams To this developer, every existing implementation was idiotic and wrong because it didn't match the 10 year old blog post they found of "best practices." Technical discussion was off the table. If I touch "their code" then they would refuse to work on it further. The kind of developer who needs to rebuild everything they touch, and solves their consideration but breaks a couple others.

    All would be fine if they weren't confrontational and volatile with each and every interaction.

    Final shot in the foot was when they went to director of security, admitted a security violation related to personal devices, and then argued with this director about it.

    I wanted to make it work with this person, but the organization decided that enough is enough.
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    @jimmy11 You should've added that to the rant. That's a new perspective.
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    @jimmy11 I say this because it's the company that decides what "gross incompetence" is. And the employees may not always agree.
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