You don’t appreciate software if you buy Samsung cause they be ripping you off by selling you 90% hardware for the price of an iPhone!

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    I'm still mad at them about Knox.
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    @kamen What happened with Knox? I just bought a s9 and everything seems okay to me at a surface level
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    @DeepHotel That once you trip it, you're basically out of warranty. No rooting, no bootloader unlocking, just use your device like a fucking iPhone. Too bad, because they're admittedly top notch in terms of hardware.
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    @kamen Honestly, the complete and total customization of android was the most alluring part of Android for me. Have you ever heard of Magisk Installer from XDA? It's really cool!
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    @growling Dude, check out dex.
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    Ripping off? Never thought it that way. I have note 9 and I used to have iPhone X. So here is why I changed to note 9.

    Pros of note 9:

    - Audio jack

    - Better display, and higher resolution.

    - Fingerprint scanner.

    - Stylus.

    Pros of iPhone X

    - Camera

    And personally I don't care about camera, I got DSLR camera for photos what need to be good.

    The price of both phones is around same. But features what Samsung put on Note 9 makes it far more attractive at that price point. No matter what in software side. But if we count in software side then Note 9 would be still better, and more attractive. For example biggest failure in Apple side is that I can't change default browser (I hope they get lawsuits about this soon), I use firefox and I don't want to copy my bookmarks all the time many different browsers. I use a lot bookmark syncing and open webpage syncing with my phone and pc.

    Basically I don't care what "software" side things Apple makes if it's totally crap.
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    I've got a phone from Oppo.
    To cut the story short: it completely rips off Apple IOS but really horribly, it has 6GB of RAM and 4000 milliamps battery yet it decides that it needs to aggressively kill as many apps as it can. Basically means nothing runs in the background so I never get any notifications.
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    @LinuxMasochist Yeah, but to install Magisk, you have to unlock the bootloader (in the case of Samsung by jumping through a whole lot of hoops, and that still trips Knox). In the case of a Google Nexus/Pixel or a 1+ (and a few others), it's as simple as enabling unlocking in settings and issuing the command "fastboot oem unlock" through adb shell. Re-locking after that is just as simple and no one can tell that the device has ever been unlocked.
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    I started with 3gs/4s/5s, then moved to s7 Edge/s8+/s10+. Maybe it's just because the tech got better but I'm so much happier with my samsungs. I even jailbroke all of my iPhones and I'm still happier. I don't care about jailbreak anymore.

    Also, Apple have put a lot more effort into stopping jailbreaking than Knox has.
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