I feel a bit like shit.

I started a new job about 2 months ago. Company is great, culture is amazing,project is interesting, processes are what i always dreamed.

This is after having learned the job from scratch at a startup that was all you can imagine. Tedious,hoping to be something that was not yet and so on....

So we are coming at the last week of a sprint. Its Tuesday and most stories are competed. We dont have a culture of jumping on others PR, its kind of like this is my PR kind of mentality. This is not established its more like an untold rule. But coming to the end i figured, especially if i knew exactly how to fix the PR that o should jump in a make it happen.

Person who owns those prs unassigned themselves from those and added me instead kind of like: “well take it if you want it....”

What are your rules regarding others prs and sprints?

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    Only the Scrum should be assigning the PRs. I think at a minimum you need to clear it with the Scrum and the person who is already assigned. It's a courtesy thing.
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    @iAmNaN well the other person is working remotely from the other side of the world so when i jump off, the connect about 2 hours later and they log off about 4Hours before i connect.

    I messaged the person who said that its custom to ask before doing anything, which is what you said, its about courtesy. Thanks ;)
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    For me its all depending on whats written down. If i have a process for submitting PRs, proper CI checks, and no code review required, you better believe i should only have to pass the CI checks to get the PR merged. The moment i have code reviews, milestone/epics, and gates to production pushes, i have every right to have my code critiqued by THE OTHER CONTRIBUTORS.

    Oh boy thats another rant for another day, but getting critiqued by someone outside of the project is infuriating!!
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