It’s really painful how non technical people think all technical stuff is the same.

The amount of times I’ve been brought in to help someone with a printer or WiFi network.

I didn’t do a computer science degree for this.

I’m also pretty sure my last two bosses think fixing the printer is the same as creating large scale systems.

My last boss wanted me to build a Vr chatbot despite spending the last few years building web servers and react/redux apps. I mean I can probably figure it out and it’ll be fun, but don’t think I’m gonna get this done in a week with all my other responsibilities too.

My new boss wants me to singlehandedly build a massive marketplace system that would probably take a team of ten, several years.

Fed up of being around non technical managers who don’t listen to me with my feedback.

Time for a new chapter in the new year.

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    I feel ya, I have 3 non-technical bosses and a CTO who is total doof.

    Worst part about the printer thing with relatives is that yes, I actually can fix their printer because 9 times out of 10 it just needs to be rebooted.
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    in '83 the president of pepsi, a food, snack and beverage corporation, became the ceo of apple, a technology company, lasted 10 years and almost ruined the company.

    and this problem sadly still happens today. i hate these people with all my guts, if they know shit about technology, they should get the fuck away from that industry, fucking parasites.

    thank you business schools of the world.
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