I learned Django which wasn't really interesting because I'm more interested in Data Science but my friends with me at the university think you cannot do Data Science without learning Web Development. Thoughts?

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    it's kinda hard for a beginner to learn Data Science,
    i think a beginner should start with something easier e.g. django (which you did) to have some thoughts about how a program works.
    then can go for more complex stuff like Security, Ai, Data Science, etc.
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    mhmmm well , most of the data comes from the web
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    @amirbig thank you
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    As @amirbig said man. It will be good for you to learn about python while applying it to something specific in which case ml would be too complex.

    Keep with it, it is the n 1 python framework right there with Flask. It will help you get good with the language so that you can target more complex tasks. Most of what you do with daya analysis in the concept of ml is preparing and gathering data as well as presenting it in a visual way. So yeah stick with it for a bit at least.
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    Not a Py Developer, but I guess Django was just an example

    You need to be good at Python to do what you want to do. Maybe Django lets you go through all that there is to learn
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    You dont need web skills to be a data scientist. You need dev skills to write clean feature engineering tasks. For the data science part, I would suggest to get really good with python. I would recommend that you do this by working through the challenges at www.Kaggle.com. Then, if you like pain, learn R. This way, you are learning how to work with data using Python, and your having fun at the same time.
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    @bradshaw15r that was really helpful, thanks a lot.
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    @d1401 not a problem man.
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    I think that I might be able to provide a little more direction. Datacamp has a great python Data Science course. Also, several people have produced entry level videos on Kaggle challenges. The Titanic challenge is a simple binary regression problem, and many youtubers cover it in R and Python.
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    @bradshaw15r thanks will try for suree
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