What the hell! Every time someone comes over to my desk and stands behind me my brain disengages from my fingers an I start misspelling and doing wrong commands etc..

Just one more reason everyone should have private office.

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    That’s why we have processes in play nowadays and ITIL 👌 I tell people to either fuck off or message me and I’ll answer them promptly.

    Do you know how many errors occur when people constantly come up to your desk just to ask you stupid shit meanwhile there are processes already in play and other colleagues they can bother other than yourself?

    Leave the social interactions for the lunch room or outside smoke break 😂
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    Do what i do. Just stop working and pretend they're the reason you're losing focus.
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    your job is not your private place
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    I get people who bother you needlessly, but if you dont answer any other form of communication I'm going to go to your fucking desk because I'm a better communicator than you; its literally that simple. Start responding to emails/IMs in a timely manner, or I'll continue to bug you, because not everyone has nice free timetables to do every task, some are more pertinent than others.
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