Yesterday a met a self learned dev. He started electronics at 11 years old. He was homeschooled with no obligations at home. So he ended up doing about 10 hours of electronics a day. Until he got bored of it and realized he could integrate his own programes.

So he started coding 10 hours a day. He is really smart. I figured someone like that surely plays video games. So i mentionned path of exile. I love rpgs the new league is starting on friday, im trying to make exiled friends you know...

The guy tellls me he has no clue about the game so i ask him what games he play and thats when i heard: “factorysialimsntnaio” something. I was like “whaaat?”.

Its the type of game where you create your factory. You smelt, combine, make parts like screws and so on and build your factory.

Thats when i realized how some people will always be smarter than me ;)

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    Cool story.
    Probably game is called factorio - nice indie game where you crash on alien planet and mill/assembly resources to build infrastructure while being attacked by aliens.
    There is also 3d version ( not from the same studio ) but forgot it’s name.
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    @vane Anyone wondering the name of the 3D version, it's satisfactory
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    Factorio 💜
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