God, the iPhone 11 pro's triple cameras ARE SO UGLY. OnePlus 7 has three back cameras and it's not ugly, so it can be done! It's just so, so fucking ugly. It looks like where you might plug in a high voltage power cable or something. And of course it still has a notch. That's two design failures in one expensive phone. No thanks!

(From owner of iPad Pro - not an Apple hater!)

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    Nokia 9 PureView. Need I say more?
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    And fking 30 minutes talking about a smartphone camera. Yeah cool photos bro but insta and so on will compress the living shit out of that.
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    @fuckwit People using those kind of app have no idea about that, nor do they care.
    Just look at how many people use Snapchat for all their photos, ignoring the fact that the app is (was?) only taking a screenshot instead of a real picture.
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    Agree. Apple would have been better off spending the time/money removing the notch.
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