Soon I will begin second year at my uni. So i have to start preparing my enginieering project. I already know what i want to do. But before i will be able to make it i need materials and tools. (I dont want money from uni cuz they will have rights to it, or so i think) my first step is to make myself a welder then make, i repeat make a lathe and a milling machine. BECAUSE I CAN. It pains me that most of the research papers are shit and practicly useles for new students so im planning on creating something that already exists but in a simple, professional way so other students can learn basics of creating something in practical world. A lot of scienctist go and push boundaries of science without caring about new people that are left alone to learn the basics. I shall correct that.

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    Making basic tools would be error-prone and time consuming, though. There's a huuuge jump from a welder to a lathe/mill and that jump requires a ton of precision tools as it is (try making a precise chuck for a lathe, or a straight groove, without using precision tools, it's not trivial at all). And time, which you could spend doing stuff _with_ the tools instead.

    (Source: personal experience making a CNC mill, definitely not easy to get millimetric/submillimetric precision)

    If you get your work licensed as a permissive thing (eg. for code, MIT), do you actually care that the university has their name in it too? I don't see any reason why a university would object.
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