I'm working on a report, i have been working on it for three months with incremental feedback meeting sessions. 'It looks great'! 'What we wanted', with detailed notes at each session. So confirmed as complete last fortnight. Today - email out of the blue - we need these major things fixed, why is it doing that, the report has to go to the printers tomorrow! Argh! It is doing that because that's how you asked it to be! And if it was so important, why are you only just looking at it now?

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    Reply back:

    Actually you fuckwits, you said this was confirmed complete a fortnight ago (see attached email from you confirming it was complete).

    I am not going to rush around last minute to "fix" it - you can wait until I have capacity which wont be until early next week.

    Your printer deadline is YOUR deadline - not mine. Stop trying to project it on me. I don't care how you deal with the printer company but I suggest you ring them and tell them the report has been delayed because YOU wanted last minute changes.
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    @unsignedint I suggest being more polite, but there can definitely be that subtext. @ranto1 has no contractual obligations to do anything, because they were too stupid to notice "problems" when they certified their report as complete. So, a polite reminder that they got exactly what they asked for (with the appropriate documentation of them signing off on it) is appropriate. It would be entertaining to be able to watch them squirm, but it sounds like I wouldn't want to work there.
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    Just re-read my previous comment and wanted to clarify that I meant that the contracting party was stupid, not ranto1. It probably was understandable what I meant, but it also could be more ambiguous than I intended.
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