VSCodium, just for a little moment, please go fuck yourself.

I mostly use netbeans but for just a little I'm using VSCodium (VSCode without the Microsoft calling home bullshit).

Just had this error I didn't see that fast and then, usually, whenever you put your cursor on the tee underlined code, it tells you the error in this drive-by popup thingy.

The goddamn popup disappears so fucking quick that its impossible to read.

Ended up trying to capture a screenshot in time which worked at try number 10+, then saw the error and corrected it.

VSCodium go fuck yourself. I'm not ready for this shit when I've just woken up and haven't fully drank my first coffee yet (or this is more like a triple espresso as for strength)


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    Is it just me or does VSCodium really sound like some kind of drug hopeless front-end devs take?
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    @epse I can neither confirm nor deny your statement.

    Not related at all, have you seen "Coddy" recently? I need to talk to him regarding... Something.
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    Use atom.
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    You can turn off telemetry natively in VSCode with a single option, so what is codium for?

    And VS Code is a lot better than Atom, I've tried all the editors and VS Code is def the best out of the modern ones.
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    @smirving You would be surprised how many programs still call home even when you disable the telemetry settings.

    @linuxxx How's your Vim training going, by the way?
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    I actually really like vs codium. I need to learn vim thou...
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    @Jilano I'm not surprised by that at all, but how much telemetry are we talking about here once it's been set to off?

    Are we talking about crash reports or my browser history?

    The Code documentation claims that the only telemetry collected once its turned off is crash reports, and that you can turn those off too with another setting
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    @smirving I haven't checked for VSCode, so I can't tell for sure, but I don't think that matters a lot considering @OP (he quite likes his privacy).
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    The license is still only real OSS without the telemetry part baked in.
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    @Jilano The Code documentation says that they go further than GDPR in protecting privacy, and that you can turn off all telemetry including crash reports with two settings. I'm not saying I dont believe it's possible they're lying, but if I'm going to compile my own binaries every time there is an update to my editor I'd like to be sure it is worth it and not a fools errand (especially given that if you own a smartphone but compile your own editor to avoid usage tracking on that you are counting grains of sand on a beach at best)
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