i was on vacation. one week in denmark without a computer.

7 days without a single line of code written. i am scared to boot my pc because i can not tell if i am able to write an application anymore.

But hell i need this. I feel so unproductive T.T

Wish me luck

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    That's why you should have a mobile IDE and a terminal app
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    i felt this. went out of city for a week or so without looking at a single line of code. i was so sure that i had forgotten how to do something simple like switching directories 😂
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    Never heard of this. I can go weeks without looking at or writting code. It's helpful if you've burned out, but even without that taking a break from the things you love can also be beneficial!
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    I was off coding for the whole july. I was also scared when I came back, but then coding is even better.
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