It's very functional while providing great data protection/privacy features at the same time.

And it's free by default! (although I do pay for a premium account)

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    Man I love tutanota. They are also very open and communicative! See the reddit for example
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    @epse Yes! And the new calendar feature is just.... awesome!
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    @linuxxx and calendar sharing is coming! Mouthwatering intensifies
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    To be honest I don't like that much their front-ends. They seem pretty heavy and the mobile app consumes a lot of battery (or at least way more than needed).

    But I'm a developer, not a user, so I can see that's actually a very nice service.
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    @dmonkey Mobile app runs notifications through it's own socket system to not be gcm dependent. (Which can consume more battery)

    Frontend likings is luckily subjective, I love theirs!
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    @linuxxx Okay this is a surprise. Great!
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    @dmonkey They used to use GCM but decided to be entirely google free and there isn't any privacy respecting push notification system out there so they built their own, yes!

    (Signal has this as well (although also GCM))

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