For some reason
I hate GitHub
This is something I wanted to get off my chest because all of my friends are in love with it and I love how it's got proper documentation and stuff but idk
I feel tooo
to push stuff on the git

Or get a pendrive

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    "Hey, I need you to send me the files of the version 1.2.3 of your app. Also, what have you changed since then?"
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    @sinodip do you mean you don't like git or github? Also, how do you keep track of versions through email or pen drive? How would you ever collaborate?

    Adding to @Jilano: "This code broke/needs to be changed. Who wrote it? How will we review code and have standards? "
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    Does the op hate github or git do you reckon? I hope it's only github (maybe try gitlab)
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    @cmarshall10450 beat me by 30 seconds 😉
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    @nibor snooze you lose, my friend.
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    @sinodip hey, I know you have been working on some changes, but we need you to fix something in production, no you can't include the changes in the emergency fix
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    Git rocks. Github is kind of meh.

    Learn to differ them brah. You don't want to sound like a noob.
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    "what do you mean all of our code was on the pendrive you lost?!"
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    @nibor He probably meant "git" but didn't take the time to look for more information.
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    When you encounter your first merge conflict^
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    @theunknownguy That's when I learnt it, too.


    You don't have to upload your own source code to Github, especially to for personal projects.
    But as soon the project get's bigger, you should really consider using version control, for following reasons:
    - You actually can work collaboratively without applying patches send by mails, copying lines out of files...
    - Git has a changelog, if properly made (e.g. with commit messages).
    - All versions are stored on a central server. You can quickly revert (even a single file) to a previous version.
    - You can work on multiple source versions (git calls them branches), applying the same changes to all versions the same time.
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    I grew to love it honestly. I haven’t gotten my hands of GitLab just yet.
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    @theunknownguy Git’s merge conflict resolution is no worse than any other version control. (The right conflict resolution tool helps too)
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    I like how you have like 8 repos on your github xDD
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    Imagine that method for code delivery on large enterprise, also you hate git/git remote repo not github
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    I use punchcards, get on my level. We're in 2019 but this dude's 1960s all the way
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    I hate github as well, I love git, though!
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