Me and a friend are having a bite and drink in a park.

Friend takes a picture of the donut he bought to send it to a friend. The picture takes a really long time to send so I ask how big the picture is (obviously as in size (KB/MB) and he's an it guy/programmer as well).

Friend: uhm, the donut is... Idk... *shows size with hands* this big?

Me: *facepalm*
Friend: oh, that size 😅

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    I give that size with the hands for everything from how busy I am, problem difficulty grades to estimated task completion time.

    That was fun in a meeting with a new PM when I was asked how much effort some project task would be. I held my hands about 40 cm apart and answered "about like this".

    Everyone knew I was indicating something on the lower medium end - except the new PM. What confused her even more was that everyone else seemed to consider my answer as normal. *LOL*
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    I've discovered the Number One rule of friendship: never, never, jamais de la vie! Never acknowledge that there is a donut within visual distance. It can destroy the matey-est bond ["How long have I been up for?" He silently asks himself. Holds up one hand, counts fingers, ditto second hand. Goes outside, grabs a stranger's hand... oh, fuck it. This just isn't as amusing as I'd hoped it would be].
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