I ALWAYS, *ALWAYS* do a triple check before I format a drive/USB flash drive/anything.

Sometimes I think its stupid but hey, you could never know!

Just wanted to format a USB flash drive so I formatted it with gparted, didn't go well so I took it out, back in and was about to try again when... last check....

Oh, that not the flash drive, that's my main SSD 😅

CTRL+R in gparted aaaaaand my flash drive is there again, formatted, done.

Thank you, self taught triple check 😅

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    Oof. That is a horror story 😧😳 glad it had a happy ending.
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    Oh dear. Didn't gparted notify you about the mounted partitions?
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    Happened to me as well. I was nanoseconds away from clicking the button and formatting my HDD, where most of my docs, music, photos, movies, etc are on. I almost fainted.
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    @Mvzes I didn't come that far yet :)
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    @RantSomeWhere Backup, backup, mother*uckers. They'll never learn!. =)
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    Once I had to delete an old and unused backup. I created it while I was testing a backup program and it just replicated my structure under a folder.

    I've tried to delete the folder, but for some reason I don't remember it were not working. So I opened the terminal and started `rm -rf .config` etc etc

    At some point I noticed I was not inside the backup folder, but on my home dir. My heart probably stop working for 3 seconds. I was at home, talking to my daughter, playing, alt+tabbing back and fourth some windows and I ended up with the wrong terminal.

    Luckily I have backups of all my important files, but I am pretty sure I lose some files on that day.
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    @RantSomeWhere @linuxxx my laptop names external HDD as sda if it would've been connected during boot time

    Formatted my laptop twice till date
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    Happened to me once but with dd, I was making a USB bootable I got the ISO files in a external disk and connected the USB, I didn't check the USB device file then dd failed to copy at first block so goodbye to MBR. Lucky me I was able to recover MBR with testdisk so no file was lost but the HD only works on Linux on Windows I need to manually mount
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