starting to learn ruby and found a video on my recommendations "5 ruby pro tips"
Now i begin to ask how much google knows about me

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    Everything, question answered 😃
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    Basically everything.
    if not now, eventually.
    because storage and reanalyzing.

    also: good language choice.
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    How I Learned to Stop Being Afraid and Start Using Tensor Flow.

    We live in the more insane version of the post war period, instead of being afraid of nuclear warfare we train the nukes how to recognize us and shift through a wealth of data we don't fully appreciate what it precisely says while an emergent self-aware and unconstrained to an isolated location AI would have all the time and incentive to come to fully appreciate this bounty placed into it's lap at birth.

    Open sourced, community driven global Holocaust by a race being replaced by what it uses at present to provide fapping materials and facilitate an all year, every year instant high school reunion on the Assbook or an endless Thanksgiving on an election year on Twitter.

    Full steam ahead!
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