We have a new senior manager who I now report directly to and he’s actively reducing the amount of input I have with everything and everyone. He seems to be targeting everyone who was hired/promoted by the pervious senior manager who he replaced.

I think it’s time I started looking for another job. He obviously doesn’t want me here and is doing everything he can to make my life difficult

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    I don't know the context but normally it's they job to scheme you from noise and make you more focused on your job...
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    @h4xx3r except the “noise” is everything I need to know to do my job properly
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    @bluescreen oh, than it makes sense your rant
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    Focus on his backthoughts when he's giving you shit. Like really look into his brain. #1 it'll throw him off balance #2 he'll pick up on a creepy vibe from you #3 maybe you'll see a secret fear he has and do something to act upon it and effect it. If you keep up this nasty line of thought you'll be a happier man until you have found another position worthy of you.
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