First day at my new job tomorrow and I cannot get any sleep.. Why am I always like that? :/

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    Excitment thats good ;)
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    @Santaclauze Well it is that, however I cannot but feel also anxious about whether I will be in a good mental state tomorrow. I do not want to ruin my first day..
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    @Viewholder focus on the excitment. Many things can go wrong but the excitment is the only real thing right now.
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    @Santaclauze You were right! Thank you for that, it helped me a lot! The day was amazing! I even stayed an hour and a half more!
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    willingly I should add
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    @Viewholder happy to hear it ;) if i look back ones of my mist stresfull start of something was at university. I registered for the gym and im not a gym person. Living in new zealand where every one is fit (im french so i smoke and drink wine and our words are the sexy thing), well i was quite stressed.

    One of the coaches was showing me the machines and helped me with a small routine for about an hour. After doing some lifts i almost fainted. I cant imagine the gossip i would have caused for fainting after a few weights. I probably would have never gone back there ;) anyways in the end all was well and i felt like superman after that ;)
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