people often forget the real first rule of programming: "All user input is malicious."

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    All users are malicious, and all fools are clever
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    Because that's not how you build a functional demo. A functional demo is optimistic, and so is a manager so companies often deploy functional demos to production.
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    @Plasticnova the extended version isn't really needed as if all users are malicious they're clearly not fools, but you're technically correct, yes
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    @Lor-inc this is also why businesses are constantly being beaned.
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    @Parzi you can be a malicious fool, they aren’t mutually exclusive. Plenty of dumb criminals out there lol
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    @Plasticnova that's fair
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    A counterpart to this is Hanlon's razor. And while on an emotional level I also often feel this is the, the non-reptilian part of me realises there is a bit of cognitive bias at play.
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    @Lor-inc I would like to say "no more demo then", but that would mean dealing with huge change requests after stuff is polished...
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    I personally think that there's a big difference between "all user input is malicious" and "never trust user input*.
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    so source-code is malicious
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    @linuxxx well if all users are malicious you'd check for modified files and shit too
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    @351483773 can be, if your compiler sucks.
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