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Caution: boring question

Have anyone worked on anything like a form builder like by giving a name generating a table with default columns and new folder for controller , models inheriting a base class that can provide a CRUD functionality ?

In my company they have a cool module builder that allow you to add any field email ,file, password,connector field - connect two modules one 2 one relationship clonable field many to many built on php.

I tried and created one using python Flask framework but without restarting app the routes are not getting registering asked in stack overflow got downvoted

Any thoughts?

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    Never worked with python, but isn't it similar to node where you start it once and then it runs? Unlike PHP, where the entire application "boots" on every request, thus automatically reloading every file. Edit: sorry, haven't read the last paragraph...
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    @sboesch Is it I didn't know that may be I have tweak with server then
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    Doesnt flask have a method for reloading/importing routes? Try the flask api docs
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