There is so much confusion in the world of programming right now, at least for me. I bet there’s only so many concepts going on and that these concepts are realized in certain ways. E.g. programming following certain paradigms and practices, also different workflows, containerization, agile, devops etc.

When searching for tutorials in different subjects it’s horribly aggravating to learn to use the tools. Not because they are inherently hard or bad in any way. There’s just so many different tutorials, some badly given, some that are great but which bring up to many foundations you already know so you find yourself getting bored to the point that you just stop listening. Many tools are used for so many use cases, sometimes overlapping each other, they use concepts to that you’ve heard hundreds of times before. Many times they want to do things in a special way so even if the concepts are the same you still need to fucking listen to the same old thing while learning how to write a command a slightly different way or how some tool is supposedly better than another.

I’m realizing that what I’m so sick of is the lack of TLDR information about new tools with some short description of how to use. Where you didn’t have to re-hear stuff you already knew or had heard so many times unless for a very good purpose, such as to show exactly how it’s done differently than another relevant tool. In a dream world the TLDR information could also remember my skills and remove the parts I didn’t need to know about any new tool.

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    Its fine man. The industry is going through this renaissance in which we get to do things in different ways that sometimes are just overly complex, take managing state on the frontend of an application for example, all layers of abstraction to handle state and stuff. Do you need to learn them all to work in real life? Depends really, you can get pretty far with web applications(just using them as an example,not saying its your area or anything) by building it simply with base php, html, css and javascript or jquery. The thing is that sometimes projects grow so much, that these tools that might seem like over engineering for a solution seem too complex at first, but make sense in the long run.

    Stick to it, little by little, learn a small concept daily and focus on finding the real application value of it. And break out from it from time to time to relax.
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    @AleCx04 Thank you! Also good advice.

    But sometimes I believe that there's so many new nouns coming up with minimal actual reason. I'd say that I know a lot of concepts and at least over some handful of tools. But for each new tool (read noun) you often need to go from the beginning, just to confirm that your understanding of this new tool is correct and how to use it. Because of course without the new fashionable tools in your belt you are deprecated. Sometimes the tutorials needed to make sure what it is, how to use it etc. take much longer time to go through than I would've wished. Usually the tools is then revealed to be a collection of some concepts you already know with maybe one or two new ideas thrown in there. But also forcing you to write you phrases ever so slightly different. For me it feels like the market get overloaded with new information that has to be learned without a proper way to learn it (without re-hearing so much).
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    I agree with you. However I get to avoid repetition by reading from stackoverflow or documentation online. It is easier to skim through text than video.
    Ctrl+F also helps finding the topic I need in large chunks of boring explanations.
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    @OneOfSimpleMind also very good advice, that’s how I’m mostly trying to survive right now too.
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    @M1sf3t also very good advice, I’ll start to look more to the indications from the comments.
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