Is this Docker ?

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    The new Mortal Kombat looks awful.
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    Seems like bullshit to me.
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    Is this a repost?
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    Yeah, approximately.

    Just docker on its own is not that useful.

    With docker-compose it becomes a dozen little bags inside that case, and if you ask it to reach inside sub-bag 7, open your wallet, and give you a dollar, it will.

    Then k8s makes it automatically rearrange little bags, spawn new bags, and clean up empty chewing gum wrappers inside bags, depending on their status and demands of the consumer.
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    Don't know what it is but if the point is to keep her bag safe that's ridiculous, we can still steal the whole box..
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    @Marethyun I think the point is fashion
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    Fashion my arse (in terms of the whole outfit)… in my opinion, that woman ought to have her mental sanity checked.
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    @SomeNone Hype over functionality... she looks like she'd actually be a good Javascript developer.

    *ducks to avoid the glutenfree bananabread thrown by frontenders*
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    That isnt her fault. That is the designers stupid brain fault.
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    why's she wearing a fucking lettuce outfit

    vegan Miley meatsuit?
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    That's not docker, that's an attention.whore.io
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    Maybe it's her new purse and that's how it's packaged when you buy it? I dunno
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    Capitalism and materialism gone wrong! Badly wrong.
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