In my free time I'm developing a small init system with focus on parallel initialization.

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    i thought systemd can do that already,
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    @mojo2012 yes it can. But systemd sucks ass lately. They have broken so much shit and think their solution is the holy grail to everything, while many disagree. Even the debian maintainer backed up from supporting them.
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    @mojo2012 big thing they did is change the predictable network interface naming scheme.

    So if you update your server with a newer systemd-networkd version it will result in an unreachable server because those fuckers changed the way interfaces get named. And they did this 2 times in the last month.
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    @fuckwit Yup, and now they want to "improve" home directory handling.

    Source: https://phoronix.com/scan.php/...
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    @Jilano Oh HELL NO. I can't wait to restore my home dir from backups
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    At first I was against the move to systemd, but it since has grown on me. My first real experience was with the bsd flavor of init, I still sometimes find myself wanting to use that to restart stuff. Old habits I guess
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