I am building a synth program for producing waveforms such as binaural. The programs I have used in the past have been mediocre.

In that project I am working on a realtime scope to visualize the waveforms. It is fun to learn how to streamline moving data between parts of the application. Right now it has a lot of unnecessary data copying going on, and resizing of vectors. So I am reading some books on high performance C++ to learn how to do this better. As part of this I am thinking about building a circular buffer so the vector is never resized and is always in contiguous memory.

Just plain fun!

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    Hmm this seems interesting!
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    I just bought an SDR too. So I can experiment with signals from there too!
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    for SDR use gnu radio

    Interesting concept in general, so you are just making a arbitrary waveform generator but only in software?
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    @Gregozor2121 Yes, I want to generate audio for putting the brain in a particular alpha state using binaural. The software I have used is old and inflexible.
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