Is anyone here into trading?
I'd like to learn but every resource seems either too basic or too technical, I might use a tip or two! :)

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    If it were that easy, everyone would be doing it. And given how poorly uncoordinated masses behave, it's probably a good thing that they're not.
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    @endor Apologies, I don't understand your comment :) I'm only trying to find advice
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    @endor i disagree with that kind of self defeating logic.
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    Too tired to type right now though
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    Im a trader whom came to back programming so i could automate my trading systems.
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    @TheItalianGuy my point is, that trading is a very complex and technical subject, so it's very unlikely that you'll find any good resource that isn't either too basic or too complex.
    If all it took to learn trading was 'some good tips', every fool would try to join in and gamble their money, and that would most likely have terrible consequences on the economy.
    If you wanna learn something complex you've gotta do the hard work, and no amount of 'tips' will help you skip it.
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    @Root No worries, if you'd post a comment later I'd apreciate it :)
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    @endor I'm not saying tips would do the job man :) I'm simply asking for information on where to start!
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    @TheItalianGuy if you're a complete beginner, remember to be patient.

    Don't trust anybody. The 90, 90, 90 rule applies. 90% of traders lose 90% of their capital within the first 90 days. Most "experts" have no fucking idea what their doing.
    The industry is shrouded in secretly. You must do your own research and reach your own conclusions.
    My advice is to read, a lot, and the read some more.

    Edit: and expect to study for 3-5 years before things really start to click.
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    @sodaTab Most information put out is total garbage. That's why both most traders lose so much, and why it can take so long to begin to understand.

    Typically the older the material, the more useful it will be. Read up on e.g. Gann, Wilder, etc. It can be dry and boring as hell, but apply what little you learn on e.g. TradingView and it'll be exciting when you see it starting to work.

    And the amazing thing is that everything you learn is useful in all financial markets. Crypto, stocks, corn, oil, real estate, foreign exchange, etc.
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    What do you want to trade? I'm into forex. All I need are some economy and political news together with some candle patterns.
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    @Root i agree with you that the older material has a tendency to be more useful. It's as if around the turn of the millennium, everyone became an expert and sold a book on how to beat the stock market.
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    @apokalipscke Forex is so ridiculously predictable haha
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    @Root of course 😂
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    After working in financial institution for couple of years this sums up what I think about it.


    It sometimes makes sense for example to buy on stock exchange after financial crisis forget about it and get money back 10 years later.

    Buy on forex when most of your company income and spending on physical products is from export / import . ( talking about millions of dollars ).

    Not sure about your country future so you buy stocks from other countries to back up your retirement and lose 10% instead of 100%

    Daily trading if you’re not specialized and don’t know people who run those companies and even if you do is fugazi.

    You win first time, second time third time loose everything and your mind remember only pleasant win time so you put more and more money like heroin but worse cause you won’t get high.

    If you really want to try write a number on card and put it somewhere where it will be visible all the time and never invest more then you wrote, cash out regularly or stop when your loss reach that number.

    Those who win got couple of billions in their pockets and know what they’re doing.

    Good luck.
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    Thank you guys :) Glad some good discussion came out as well!
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