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    @Lor-inc unsubscribe from joke/meme problem solved
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    @Lor-inc well this is my first ever post on devrant so I guess you don't have to be that rude dude
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    @siva Sorry, I didn't mean to be rude. Besides, browsing a bit before posting something to understand how the community works can't hurt.
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    All of the above are tensors except for scalar, aren't they?
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    @Hazarth And they're all matrices, in the mathematical sense of the word.

    But beware, dimensions mean very different things with vectors and matrices, so a 4D vector isn't rotated with a 4D matrix.

    Mathematicians suck when it comes to meaningful names. My fave:
    Inverse of any f = f^-1
    Inverse of sin = arcsin
    Inverse of sinh = Arsh
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