I spend most of my time working with languages and frameworks that I hate.

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    names?? any chance ur talking about SAP related stuff? 😂
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    make another one
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    Isn't it possible that you hate them because you work with them so much?
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    @sirjofri .Net Core is the biggest waste of space. Visual Studio is why ASP.Net was so popular. Now we are using fancy text editor type IDEs or shell editors and we are figuring out how to do the work that the IDE used to do on top of the programming work.

    Compare node and Dotnet core for a simple rest api. We love to hate javascript but it is very easy to set up Node.js + Express. Express won't strong-arm you into putting in excess middleware. Build times are tiny. Everything is explicitly typed so if you read the code you will figure out what is happening. You can use nodemon to watch for changes as you build instead of compiling. You know how it is going to go into a docker container. You can scale the app horizontally easily without fear that the framework used singleton pattern in a class somewhere. Node handles json without hassle.

    Dotnet core is salable to a business for microsoft but it isn't good for actual development.
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    @irene I especially meant like: you hate it because you use it. If you never use it, you won't hate it that much, because you are not confronted by it or you automatically avoid it. If you are forced to use it you will learn to hate it more and more and then you rant about it on devrant
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