Wrote a feature that took a week plus to complete that was reviewed, approved, merged and already in production.

Guy who approved comes in and says to make changes now with 1 day to end of sprint saying to refactor stuff. It won't make a difference other than some logging changes but I found the effort to be large plus the QA would need to retest everything.

When I brought up my concern, he tells me it is very easy and to get it done.

Now am feeling so stuck rushing on this work cos he called it 'easy' and I don't want to look like a fool...

Why review and approve code only to come back last minute asking for changes.. Not the first time and always last minute followed by calling it easy. I am almost forming a phobia to merge approved code..

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    You need to define a rule in your team. Done is DONE.
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    Sounds like bad management. I think at least you can explain to them why it's difficult, e.g. the steps involved and time for testing, and if they still can't understand they are really incompetent.
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    You won't look like a fool for saying something isn't easy when it's not. He's the fool. Besides, it's approved, merged, and done...refactoring should be a follow-up story (and not a high priority one at that)
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    It's in production it's done. Create a new ticket for next sprint if it's that urgent
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