Unpopular opinion:
Just do what needs to be done

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    You're very lean! 😉
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    I would happily, if they could tell me what that is
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    @practiseSafeHex I've somehow come to the conclusion that this Agile, scrummy thing could also be seen as a way around to missing specification: so in the absence of any clear specification you just start building and your product becomes the specification. Otherwise a good specification that captures all the possible pitfalls before building might actually be similarly hard as building the stuff itself!
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    or as Nike the Greek goddess put it: Just do it!

    Next step: Define "it".
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    @phorkyas and define 'just' (the definition of done).
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    @phorkyas I largely agree. I don’t think it’s agile, I think they use agile as an excuse. We don’t actually do agile because we have to sign up to strict dates set every quarter, which is extremely anti agile.

    I firmly believe that it is extremely rare for non-tech people to be a good manager of tech people. Every time I’ve had a great experience in a company it’s because my boss was a hardcore dev. Every time it’s shit, it’s because they have a business degree and keep yelling that this new feature HAS to go out tomorrow for no specific reason whatsoever
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