"SO culture is so mean, they downvote good questions for no reason!"

Meanwhile, most of the downvoted questions in my list:










- OP1: "Do my homework for me"

- OP2: "I am too lazy to google this"

- OP3: "Gimme code, here is a shitload of requirements"

- SO: "No."

- OP1/2/3/DevRant: "Oh mah gawd mah question was so gud, SO such toxic, very mean, much wow qq."


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    well yes, because there are some seriously retarded shit questions there it does not mean that there are not toxic people there. Had a dude telling me to reconsider my career path after showingn the code for a visual recognition application on an Android app years ago....even tho the app was already in productoon, even though the VR application was already working and I just wanted to know if my way of showing text in the application was properly made regarding one specific part. all that awesome shit that was working for "maybe you should reconsider a different career path if you can't figure this out yourself"
    or the time I was building an express like lib in Common Lisp and some "lisp expert" gave me shit in my question for not using comma.

    Nah fuck SO, and fuck people that defend their shit behavior. Not all of th are that way but it is an overall toxic community.
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    Yeah, like shit like this ^ is not toxic.

    Most people don't understand and don't want to understand what SO is meant to be. It is a knowledge base, ideally every thing is asked exactly once.

    But the interpretation is usually, "somebody do my work for me".

    Sometimes I get downvoted too, infuriating if you never get to know why a downvote occurred in the first place. However this is very rare - if you compile a proper question instead of slapping your barely conceivable bag of horseshit straight onto the frontpage that is.
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    Pretty terrible questions, they deserved the downvote treatment. I don’t really use SO much though, I’d rather hop on an irc channel before going there.
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    @Maer Before I get into this, lemme say that I am not disagreeing or condemning those questions in particular being downvoted. I am merely stating that getting downvoted not always has a reson like bad formatting or poor questioning, it really is a lot of times for the sake of being shitty. i mean ffs, i have gotten downvoted for answering because "it was not my duty to explain to the user how to use the site and should have just downvoted and ignored the question until the user explained himself better" right after that was the comment from the original poster "thank you that worked perfectly! and I will make sure to format it correctly next time, thanks for your help!"<---- he got downvoted too. Do we really need to be that robotic?
    Give nerds like that a little power, the same beta males that went through a shit stage at HS, yeh give those dudes power and you get shit like SO
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    @AleCx04 I don't know about other tags, but I browse regularly PostgreSQL and I usually don't see anything toxic, but people trying to help. Maybe you meant to use different word for description of ratio between toxic and helpful members or equate toxic behavior to harsh attitude. Even if you did equate those two I wouldn't still go so far as saying that SO members are overall harsh (or toxic). Maybe you have some evidence to back this up tho?

    Examples you listed I would say that qualify for reporting, since you did not ask for evaluation of your career path and in this context those comments are clearly rude. I'm sure they will be dealt with, considering that recently hints "to be nicer" were introduced in proximity of text inputs.

    EDIT: You can't downvote comments.
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    @arraysstartat1 you can downvote answers, It was my answer to the user's question which got downvoted, sorry for not clarifying that. The user also replied as an answer, so I can actually see why that would be downvoted.
    Concerning the other point, wouldn't you say that providing hints regarding positive behavior be in itself a warning sign or at least a remanant of a toxic past? there are entire blog posts etc regarding the "toxic" or harsh behavior given to people new to the scene, the idea is "so is harsh on beginners, here is how to make the experience better" which to me sounds more like "this part of town has a high change of getting you robbed, here is how to evade that", its just programming, yet people in SO treat it as a "you are not worthy" type of deal in some posts.

    Had I not deleted my account and those answers I would provide them as evidence, if I find anything later ill provide it. Not saying everyone there is bad tho, just some.
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    @AleCx04 I think people who don't read the FAQ and then post homework questions (not referring to you) should be treated harshly as possible so that they go away. There's no way to meaningfully include them because lazy idiots will always be lazy idiots.
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    @Fast-Nop or we can understand that not everyone goes in with complete knowledge of what to do man, i get irritated when they don't read the FAQ or even look at the hints that the system gives them regarding making a good question, which is why I agreed with the OP downvoting these questions, but shit fam, a little coaching maybe? something like telling them to properly format their shit or provide more data etc etc, otherwise I feel like being harsh from the get go to complete strangers just jusrifies the idea that we as devs are a bunch of assholes.
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    @AleCx04 Doesn't work because there are too many idiots to deal with them individually. Also, that would be a bad use of resources unless the idiots actually pay money for being coached on how not to be an idiot.

    That was why FAQ are made, to NOT deal with each noob individually. Those noobs who aren't idiots get this.
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    What I hatte most is people asking questions but neither upvote not accept your answer, but telling you in the comments "thanks" or "it works", Like come on. What's that?
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    Thing is, people asking questions on SO are usually devs themselves, or at least aspiring to be. The most basic requirement - at least this is my optionion - is to be able to independently research shit. This is the very first you learn anywhere, especially when you are a university student.

    But everyday there is a thousand questions, where you can a 100% see, the OP did not only not read any kind of FAQ, but was also too lazy to just put that same question into Google. Because I can then answer it by typing it into Google, immediately finding an ages ago provided answer (on SO!) and then mark as duplicate.

    That being said, there are definitely assholes. Still, how well your question is received and whether or not it is upvoted and answered depends *mostly* on how much effort you put into writing it and if you can show, that you also did some research prior.
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