What advice/opinion would you give to someone who is looking for a dev job without any experience or background or passion/interest in engineering - just getting into this field for the money and consulting firms backing this person saying they will train and help find him/her a job in California...

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    I would give the same advice for any field of work: Stay away. It will just make everyone involved unhappy. Coworkers, bosses, customers, the person himself/herself.
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    @VaderNT but there are people like that all around us right? It doesn't seem to bother them to fake being an engineer or to just write one line of code a day without any interest...while the rest of the guys actually put in extra time just to do it right or to learn something new....how fair is that....
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    Echoing @VaderNT

    This seems nuts to me
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    @apairathod These people seldom get the paycheck they were hoping for, or even a fraction of it. For a good paycheck you need to P.E.R.F.O.R.M at least for a while, and without any interest that won't happen.
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    Why is it worse to be a developer without "passion" than to have any other boring soulsucking job?
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