I decide to study Data Science the last 10 months, right now im very competent and have the skills get hands on real projects.

a few months ago i meet a guy on LinkedIn, i help him with some task for some stuff he was doing.

a few weeks ago he say he will hire me for work on an startup he is running with other guys.

after that he never get back to me and not get any response to my messages. i dont know what i do wrong.

now im here feeling cold and dont even know what todo for get some remote work as data scientist.

feels bad bruh :"( give me some directions, where to look for Remote Junior Data Scientist Job?

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    His startup might be failing or maybe lost interest in it. Point is, it might not have anything to do with you personally. Good luck with the job hunt.
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    > i dont know what i do wrong.
    Why do you assume it's you who does anything wrong here?
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    @VaderNT I dotn know, maybe i say something before that makes him think im not a good asset :"v
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    @ElPapi42 unlikely. His impression of you was good enough to offer you a job. Going from that to ignoring (maybe blocking) you needs something severely innapropriate on your end. And if that had happened, you wouldn't be posting on devrant wondering what's going on - you'd know.
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    @VaderNT that is the key, i never say something like that, in fact we have good communication! a day he just stop writing to me
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    remoteok dot io
    weworkremotly dot com
    stackoverfkow job section

    i just cold email to clients in my flield and go for long-term partners. so i don't need to look for new work all the time.
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    @cephei i will check by sure! thanks!
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    @ElPapi42 well in that case, all we can say is "I don't know". There are millions of possibilities why he doesn't answer. Maybe the startup is failing, maybe he's laying in bed with a severe cold.

    You want to be a good person. Just by doing so you're already better than a lot of people I've met. 🙂 So keep your chin up, and good luck with your job search!
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    @VaderNT today i feel better! ready for the job hunt!
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