Helo everyone , I am planning on learning some new tools and languages side by side working on this project which would be an application for creating or managing some lists for any tasks or some web series and categorize them as on going or completed or planning for now and . I want to web scrap information about that task with some pictures and text information whenever you add an entry to make it catchy and informative.
For example if I add any series name like FRIENDS and label it as on going so to make that entry not look boring my app will add some pictures and texts from google using web scraping.
So which language and tools would be helpful for developoy such application ?
Thank you.

Ps: i am pursuing my undergraduate computer science engineering .
I have basics of python and c++ with some data structures as well as basics of Mysql data base.
I am planning to start web or android development by learning kotlin or JavaScript .

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    Does it have to be always web? Do you want to carry the application at the palm of your hand? If you wanna carry the thing more conveniently go for Android Development with Kotlin.

    If you want to view your tasks over the web as well also consider fashioning a back-end out of PHP or NodeJS or Kotlin Backend then put a complementary front-end web with maybe VueJS. Plus Android too.
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    No not necessarily web based . I mean i would use some web scraping to gather information about the item added in the list . Kotlin would be perfect seems . What about web scrap thing? Which technology can i use like in python we have something beautiful soup for web scraping .
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    @jennytengsonM i guess back end can take care of the web scraping part.
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    @arupam why would you wanna web scrape tho? As far as I know web scraping is a security/hacking thing that happens with web services...
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    @jennytengsonM no no not that one . In general terms its information extraction .
    To make your list entries look cooler and make my app distinct i want to gather information about that entry from google . Like when you search something google have that feature of showing a pic and some relevant texts above all search results . Like this
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    @arupam oh cool. Though if it were up to me to make that thing I would worry about that less until I have a working prototype or MVP
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    @jennytengsonM yeah i agree that but i was confused from where to start and between technologies . Like flutter , py ,js , kotlin or some api later on or typical python web scr .
    So i start asking people out but nowadays very less help .
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    @arupam go native Android dev. That's Kotlin or Java or Objective C for you. It's easier learning hybrid Android development (Unity, React Native, Xamarin) later on if you really have to develop apps in those down the line... 😎
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    @jennytengsonM i will go with java . I know little of basics and also it would help me in my University as it's one of our subjects.
    Looks like you are android developer by heart and against web development or crossplatform..just kidding 😂
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    @arupam yeah there's no fuss using Java bro, totally interoperable with Kotlin and you can go JavaSE and Java back-end to feel extra powerful.

    Lol yeah I am not really keen on cross-platform development. As much as possible I'd like to do my front-ends natively especially with REST services floating around nowadays. 😂
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    @jennytengsonM yeah java or kotlin seems good. I ll start with it . Thanks a lot for help
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    @arupam rooting for you to complete that project 🤞🤞🤞🤞
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    @jennytengsonM before end of this year i am planning . With descent ui :)
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