A little background on project fubar:

Project fubar was started a couple of years ago, by an entirely different set of devs, against an entirely different set of requirements which were never made transparent to this day, on a new platform and framework.

That means it had APIs either outdated or deprecated, front-end logic that did things it wasn't supposed to be doing and lots of scope creep and technical debt.

I had to support and fix fubar for the last few months to prime it for UAT. It was the equivalent of plugging leaks which created more leaks.

Finally, I couldn't take it and asked for a week off. I timed it so it would be right after what would have been the final UAT deployment and I'd be back after they completed their test rounds, so I could fix any new or returning defects.

Today I just found out that fubar got put on hold, that UAT was a failure and all fubar-related work had to stop. I have some mixed feelings on this: I worked hard to get fubar working as business wanted, and I was proud of that. But I also didn't like that fubar was constantly changing in scope and function.

I wonder if anyone else has ever felt the same thing?

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    You are saying "I" as in "me alone"?
    That's code red, man.
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    @dindin yup, code red indeed. If I needed another dev to work on something outside my scope of knowledge - which was usually backend-related - I had to beg a PM to release someone, and even then he'd be free for just a few hours. So in those situations I had to prepare a clear and concise outline of the work that dev needed to do, otherwise we'd be wasting time.

    It's crazy, now that I think about it in hindsight.
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