junior developer position:

You must know:
Ruby on Rails

Computer Science degree required
Expect a 10 round interview process

And if you're still alive after that,
You're hired!

Apply now!

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    Applied once for a junior position.
    "If you don't know <insert language here> don't worry, you will get a three month course... Blah blah blah".
    Send in my resume, got invited to fill out a question sheet were I wrote down that I had zero experience in the field I applied for, then had a video call and after that a personal interview. First thing they told me in the intreview was that they would like to hire me, but since I have no experince in their field they won't.

    Got an e-mail the next day that they won't hire me, but would like a review of the application-process.
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    Kind of exaggerated.
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    Its meant to shoo away the “school programmers”, who were taught how to code by people, who havent coded for a couple of decades and havent written a line of real life code outside homework.
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    And if you're still alive after that... We'll call you
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    Did you apply to be god's PA
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    Salary £20k with 25 days holiday (inc Bank Holidays)
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    @GetToTheChopper That would require a PhD in CSE at the age of 18 with 20 years of industrial experience 😂😂
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    @AbhishekDoshi industrial experience? Is that like making universes and stuff
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    @GetToTheChopper Yes. Making people and getting them do things wrong.
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    @GetToTheChopper if you are interested than mail your resume/cv to iamgod@gmail.com
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    fuck long interview process. I only want 1 call if it's extremely necessary
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    @AbhishekDoshi You lost me at Gmail. AOL I might have been interested
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