AT&T: "there is an excessive use cap on your unlimited mobile data plan but you'll never hit it"


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    Give me that plan.
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    @NoToJavaScript $150/month for 4 lines.
    (Also the cap may be as low as 100GB, as "normal use" would be about that with their "if it's video, we'll force it to 480p or lower" policy.)
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    I guess I'm too european to get this joke
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    @Puroguramingu $150/month (€135.50) for 4 lines. 22GB then you're deprioritized, then you get cut off at a nondescript thing and automatically get dropped to a tiered limited plan, payment effective immediately.
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    Years ago (more than 12years) I had a fair use cap on 1TB, today I have no use cap for a 100/100 fiber connection that cost me $49
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    @MeadCoder we had a 60mbps down, 1.5mbps up broadband plan before we moved. We paid $57 a month.

    now we go from 1mbps down, 0.27mbps up to 157mbps down, 98mbps up because we're on a glorified RNDIS phone tether box with an average latency to Google of 300ms. We pay $150 a month.

    my mobile data plan is the same plan as the box minus calls and text.

    we just don't have authorization for tethering on our phones so we can't even broadcast an ad-hoc network from our phones :D
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