I Really get fedup with all the software I come accross and sometimes buy, that is in an unfinished state, esspecially my Job software, the save button saves the current data typed into the previous file opened and not the current running file. The Taborder is not flowing good, the process button is before the last input. And the service, I mentioned it to the inhouse developer at HQ, but he said I am using it wrong.

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    That is commonly what you get when you buy software.
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    Modern software development is obsessed with process and thinks it equates to product. In a customer centric world things like MVP would be laughed at. For all the capabilities of modern languages and libraries, commercial software today is underwhelming compared to the past.
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    Most of the software I use for my job nowadays is FOSS, not because I have any philosophical reason to prefer open source, but because it's actually just better most of the time now. I have both VSCode and PyCharm Professional installed on my work laptop, and I use VSCode every day while I launch PyCharm so rarely that it took me two months to find out my license had expired.
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    After I got the rant off my chest, I saw the Icon it was written in a language I Know (Delphi). I started writing a Sample Software that the coder can use to correct the bugs. I accidentaly downloaded his quote to HQ, that he stored on the same dropbox folder as the EXE, and now I wonder should I share the code.
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