Seriously, fuck sports fans. Imagine having to relate every conceivable concept through a scenario in sport to understand it.

"How does that work?"
"Okay, so imagine you've got this team, right..."

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    I tend to explain things with car analogies and scenarios so everyone understands. It's probably become a haibt because I've always worked exclusively with guy devs and managers.
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    ☝🏻Me to my church friends when explaining dev concepts too:

    "What's a fork? Take the General Roman Calendar then put your country's Ordo in it. Then you proceed with Mass. That's how forks work."

    "What is git push --merge-unrelated-histories? Well when Annibale Bugnini wrote the Novus Ordo..."

    "*looks at RxMarbles* The Reactive Programming style is like the Rosary you know..." *shows the chaplet*

    "Browser trackers work this way... you go to a normie Mass, there's the parish Susans, there's the EHMCs, there's rad trads who mind your blue hair and tattoos. They all profile you... ah this one receives Communion by the hand... ah you don't veil... that's how browser trackers work."

    Exhausting process
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    If you can't explain what you're doing to someone stupid, you don't understand it well enough yourself.
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    @Puroguramingu Not exactly the point but okay.

    More the fact that there's a type of person out there that can only understand things through the scope of sports.
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