Now that I got some time off work, I'd love to dig deeper into programming, are there any new trends around?

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    The most recent one I'm aware of is the trend towards functional programming. Check out Haskell and give it a try.
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    @Root well op does not have to run too far away from our darling Ruby, I find Ruby to be really good for functional programming.

    Btw I meant to ask you, do you prefer using bundler and rbenv(or a similar modular approach) to managing your Rails environments or are you more comfortable with RVM? i have been using rvm for a while and see a lot of recommendations for jumping into rbenv bundler camp
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    @AleCx04 I use bundler and rvm. They play nicely.

    I never liked rbenv much.
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    @AleCx04 @Root what's the "learn you a haskell" equivalent of ruby?
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    @gkaply532 I have no idea 🙁
    It's been years since I've looked at ruby tutorials
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    Cheers for the replies, I'll look into Haskell. Any recommended starting points?
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    @dooot Learn you a Haskell for a great good!
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    Same old. Everyone one hates everything they're not using and loves everything they are using or they hate everything they are using and love everything they're not using. I think that's the tread these days. Just hate and love everything to be sure
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