Project manager: We have 13weeks for this project. We have promised the client.

Me: okay, why wasnt I consulted on that commitment?

Project Manager: yeah.... we have to do it

Me: okay, if we have 2 dedicated backend and one full time frontend - ONLY on this project.

Project manager: (with the face of lies) yes yes sure we can do that.

6 weeks later, after continuous interruptions. Frontend is behind because he was only on the project to an amount of 2 weeks of the 6 weeks.

Project manager: Are we still on time?

Me: *looks around for prank cameras* no the f#*k we not

Project manager: can we put in weekends?

Me: its 2019 bro, that ain't happening

*But because I am a nice guy, and dont like taking Ls, we will have it ready. Just not gonna tell the project manager, he deserves a few sleepless nights *

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    Na fuck him man. He made that decision. Make it 6 weeks late
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    My parent company's parent company's flagship client is only paying us for 3 days a month but I've been working on it full time and overtime to meet their deadlines.

    That's always annoyed me but what sent me over the edge was the account manager denying me my request from help from a data scientist for a week because that's the full month allocation and they had other things to work on. She then asked why I couldn't just do it in a way that made "logical sense" to me. Wut?!
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    @cmarshall10450 wow 😂 no pay no play 💆🏾‍♂️find something better man, devs are needed all over dont kill yourself like that bro
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    @scripta55 from what I know about them, if we made them "no pay, no play" their marketing department wouldn't have the budget for it. I should explain that this is a country subsidiary and this project is mandated by the clients hq.

    Us not accepting the work would also affect the client relationship in other companies above us in the hierarchy. We are the lowest so we get the s**t.
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    I like your style
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    That happened to me as well. Our team worked 70-80 hours a week for 3 months to meet that deadline. When we finished and took a breath, management did the same thing again since we proved that we could do that work in 3 months. No break, no time to breathe, just wanted us to keep that pace going.

    Thankfully, I left that company for a different one
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    Next time, if that cunt makes a promises about manpower in the team, write it down and have him sign it. That'll make hin nervous.
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